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Dental Hygiene Reference Clipboard, with Calculator, for Dental Hygienists
(Shown with Optional Storage Tray, which must be ordered separately)

The Dental Hygiene Clipboard includes:

Classifications for Occlusion, Periodontal Disease, Caries, Furcations and Mobility Tooth eruption ages & Tooth numbering for adults and children Vital signs and Dental Management of the adult hypertensive Peridiontal screening and recording SBE Prophylaxis Recommended (AHA) Includes laminated sheet with information on Intraoral and extraoral exam, Maximum safe dosage for anethesia and Dental abbreviations

Dental Hygiene Clipboard prices:

1-24 . . . $25.90 per clipboard

25-49 . . . $22.90 per clipboard

50+ . . . . $20.90 per clipboard

Dental Hygiene Reference Clipboard with Calculator DHC$25.90, 25 for $572.50, 50 for $1,025.00